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The history of the Student National Medical Association is indeed the history of the journey of Black physicians in America. While it is impossible to capture all of the remarkable stories of these healthcare heroes or their tremendous impact on medicine and minority health directly or indirectly, this book is an attempt to shed some light on many of these unsung heroes.

Read their stories, listen to their sage advice, and glean from their examples. This is a must read for those in medicine or aspiring to enter this noble profession. The authors challenge you to meet these heroes and reflect on their stories with an understanding of their impact on this nation and the world. The authors completed extensive research, found “undercover” heroes, and certainly learned a ton in the process. You will be inspired, smile, and perhaps chuckle a few times but ultimately be infused with hope and pride by these heroes. Their stories are those of thousands of physicians and healthcare professionals who have journeyed through this field, defying the odds and statistics that would predict mediocrity at best as opposed to the tremendous impact that they made. Their story collectively is the story of minority health from the seat of one the most important organizations in the world of medicine, the Student National Medical Association. This book is truly good medicine for the human soul.

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